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Tell me something you don't like about your current boss.

2 Answers

I think this is the question that sank me. I told them the only thing I didn't like about my current boss was that he didn't stand up for himself to HIS boss. In turn, I spoke ill of my manager's boss while trying not to speak ill of my own boss.

They actually asked me this as well. My last boss I loved and I made sure to indicate that I told them specifically why. The boss I had before that I told them I struggled with because of her lack of availability and thus feedback. It was hard for me to develop professionally if I didn't know where I could improve, because I had no idea what areas I was lacking. Also could not get even a 20min meeting with her 100% attention. Not sure how my response to their question was received though as it was asked over the phone..

Give an example of one time that you led a group or team and what were some difficulties you encountered?

1 Answer

Are you comfortable working 45+ hours a week, as well as coming in on Saturdays?

What are ways to save on freight?

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What do you consider your biggest accomplishment?

How would you handle a situation where a trade was expecting higher pay than what was negotiated?

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