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Code a program to check if a given string is matching a given regular expression

6 Answers

You mean "str.match(regexObj);" (javascript) or "str.matches(regexStr)" (Java) or "preg_match($regexStr, $str)" (php)? That's all there was to the question?

I really doubt it. This is a question for a permanent job so I believe that there was a lot of time to work this problem out. My solution would be to make automata from regular expression then hit the string in it to check is it lexically correct.

That seems a lot of work for a phone interview question. Regex has a lot of options, did the interviewer specify which options to support?

How do you handle irrate customers?

2 Answers

Is the customer always right?

2 Answers

What would you do if you had to many things to do at once?

3 Answers

Describe what customer service means.

1 Answer

What would I do if I was having a problem with another employee.

1 Answer

Am I willing to stand for extended hours

1 Answer

name a time you did something and encountered a problem?

1 Answer

Is the customer always right? Why or why not?

2 Answers

list of broad simple questions

1 Answer
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