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Freight Conductor Interview Questions


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Why should we pick you?

1 Answer

Why shouldnt you pick me.

wanted to know how important safety is to me?

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Have you ever lied to a previous employer?

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Do you have family that works out here?

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Name a time where you witnessed a safety violation?....Name a time where you have violated a safety policy?

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They asked me questions mostly pertaining to my past experience. They asked some situational questions. Like what would you do in an emergency situation type stuff. I mostly just kept relating everything back to my own experience. If you get to the interview there is a good chance that you already have the job. The stress was the worst part about the whole process. I had to wait almost 5 hours at the hotel until they called me to come in and interview.

The most difficult question is not even that hard, " was there ever a time you caught someone breaking a safety rule, what did you do?"

Have you ever been disciplined for commiting a safety violation at your previous employer

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What percentage of accidents do you think are preventable on the job?

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