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Holiday Inn Club Vacations
Front Desk Receptionist was asked...March 31, 2015

How will you deal with an angry guest?

2 Answers

Calm the guest down and try to find out exactly what the guest is upset about then, come up with a solution to make the guest happy. Less

Match their emotion and energy. Sympathize and tell them “I understand how you feel, a lot of our guests sometimes feel that way, but it actually works like...” Less

Twelve Hotels

How would you add to the team?

2 Answers

By providing Amazing customer service

I had 6months of taking over an HOA run condo resort in Orlando Florida, which is just outside of Disney. There's no greater pressure then working in the country's largest tourist destination. There's no greater pleasure than pleasing someone that has literally saved all year, just to stay with you. Less

Radisson Hotels Americas

have you had any experience in the hotel/hospitality industry?

2 Answers

No, but I have customer service experience. I worked as a hostess for two years in high school, and I worked at a grocery store between college terms in the summer. Less

no. I have not

Marriott International

If you had a guest who came to the front desk angrily inquiring about why his shower was without hot water and you were also on the other line with another guest trying to answer a few of their questions while a few guests wanted to check -in, what would you do in this type of situation to make everyone happy?

1 Answers

I would ask the person on the other line to please hold while I find out the answers to their questions, ask the angry guest to please come forward so I could help them with their issue & call maintenance while also politely thanking the other guests waiting in line for being so patient. Then I would answer the guest's questions who is on the phone, quickly hang up, and help the guests waiting in line. Less

University of Georgia

Describe a time when you had trouble with a customer and how did you resolve it?

1 Answers

Once was yelled at for not having a certain item in the store I worked in since it was a brand that no longer existed. I found an associate who was familiar with that type of project and went with her and the customer to the item section and helped explain what would be closest to what the customer has used previously and offered a coupon for her trouble. Less

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

How have you gone above and beyond for a guest/customer in your past jobs?

1 Answers

I was waiting a table where the patrons were getting upset that their food was taking so long to come out. I apologized profusely and gave each of them a 20% off coupon for their next meal. They were initially upset about the wait for their food but they left the restaurant happy. Less

Hills and Dales Veterinary Clinic

What is your idea of professionalism?

1 Answers

Being honest with clients and giving them truthful responses to questions, and acting in a courteous and responsible manner. Less

Marriott International

How would rate your memory?

29 Answers

What was the question? :p

Great. I can't think of anything I have forgotten.

An elephant never forgets, but I am no elephant.

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Royal offices

If plane is about to crash, whom would you save when you can save 2 people from your mother, pregnant lady, doctor and yourself

18 Answers

I’ll save the Doctor and the Pregnant Lady so that the doctor can save my mother if she is injured Less

I would save doctor and myself Because it depends on the situation of the plane crash Cus it might crash on water or in some area where the chances of crash is a bit less impactable. So if me and doctor is there from that crash the pregnant lady and mother can be treated and would be helped by both of us Less

Mother, pregnant lady then myself.

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Tell me about your redundancy (if appropriate) or why do you want to leave your present employer?

11 Answers

Just told them the truth that I was looking for a job change and why.

I am working as an independent contractor. I have a lot of Front Desk experience, from Hotels and Country Clubs. I think that my experience and drive, will make me an asset to your company. I would be delighted to introduce myself in person and discuss this wonderful position. Less

I have been working in The Hospitality Industry for many years , in Hotels as well Country Clubs. Now I am an independent contractor and work on several projects at this time. I am looking to go back to my roots, which is being a Front Desk Receptionist. Less

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