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Front-End Developer Intern was asked...February 2, 2013

Explain what is a closure.

2 Answers

Within the scope of the function, the variables defined at the top can be accessed anyway in that function including sub-functions Less

In computer science, a closure (also lexical closure or function closure) is a function or reference to a function together with a referencing environment. Less


Tell me about one development project you worked on and that you know very well?

1 Answers

I talked about a significant group project I recently completed, the interviewer wasn't familiar with programming so I showed a live demo of the web app and explained my contributions. Less

Huffington Post

Given an array of integers, determine how many sequences there are of numbers that increase to a point then decrease, with at least two on each side of the max value (example: 1, 4, 5, 3, 1)

1 Answers

def x(array): matches = [] for index, element in enumerate(array): if (element >= 2 and index >= 2) and (index <= len(array) - 2): if (array[index - 1] < element) and (array[index - 2] < array[index - 1]): if (array[index + 1] < element) and (array[index + 2] < array[index + 1]): matches.append(array[index - 2: index + 3]) return matches Less

University of California Berkeley

How would you implement a "see more" functionality in Javascript if all you're given is a long string from the backend?

1 Answers

Do it by word count which is really just a count of the spaces in between words.


The question where I stuck: Why We should not hire you? Tell us something that you associate with your profession from outside professional world (words are not exact).

1 Answers

Try to be realistic and honest. Tell about your weakness but better prepare the question from internet Less


Tell me about your self?

1 Answers

Told my life story honestly from high school to university to boot camp to now.


Lots of javascript, no react

1 Answers

Need guides on Technical Interview? - Algorithm/ System Design / Problem Solving / Mock Interviews / Behavioral Training Visit aonecode com Get one-on-one coaching and feedback from engineers/interviewers at Google/Facebook. Less


What is the height of a balanced DOM given 'n' nodes.

1 Answers


They asked me to describe a project I had worked on.

1 Answers

I described my project as thoroughly as possible.

Minority Programmers Association

Build a webpage looks like this

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