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UI Front End Developer was asked...January 16, 2016

What is== and === operator?

1 Answers

== returns a Boolean true if both the operands are equal. === this is the strict equal operator and only returns a Boolean true if both the operands are equal and of the same type. Less


If you're making an international shop application, what are the most important requirements?

2 Answers

do you remember any other questions? i'm interviewing next week thank you

Login/Security (different types of security... Captcha, Double Verification, Etc.) and Language Preference (how to implement it, as well) Less

"Grupo Trigo (Spoleto, Koni, Gurumê, LeBonton)"

They have asked about Photoshop tool design related

1 Answers

I have answer very clearly what they have asked each and every points they said good we appreciate your skills hr will inform you for next process Less



1 Answers

Object Oriented Java Script

LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group)

Do you know FIX protocol?

1 Answers

Yes. (not a front-end technology)

Tata Consultancy Services

What is your background

1 Answers

UI developer


1. White board questions regarding javascript making a UUID. 2. Questions regarding back end database algorithms. 3. React Hooks question

1 Answers

1. Answered the question correctly 2. As a "Front-End" developer, I only knew one "DB algorithm". 3. React Hooks had only been out for around 6 months. I wasn't aware of it yet. I got the question wrong, went home and learned "React Hooks" in 30 minutes. Less

nothing is asked...just said You are not trained for this post.................WTF then why u called me just to see my face....that bloody HR.

1 Answers

Such bad attitude won't get you anywhere. This kind of language by a professional is not expected. Good for the company that they didn't hired you. Thumb rule when going for interview always research about the company you are visiting. Shouldn't have high expectations from a startup or small companies. Reception area, seriously ?? That bothered you. I am sure without an interview it is quite difficult to judge the skill levels of a person. And if you were not shortlisted your skills must be below expectations. Get real. Dumping your frustration online is not the wisest thing to do. Couldn't stop myself from replying to your post. Less

How does flux framework work?

1 Answers

Flux is an architecture for creating data layers in JavaScript applications. It places a focus on creating explicit and understandable update paths for your application's data, which makes tracing changes during development simpler and makes bugs easier to track down and fix. Less


What do you do for site performance?

1 Answers

List all the things you know and use.

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