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Front office manager Interview Questions


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What is luxury means to you?

2 Answers

its standards and expectations

Driving cars

What are you looking for in a company?

1 Answer

Favorite Book, Favorite Quote and Favorite positive and negative characteristics about myself,

1 Answer

Why you wanna move to this department?

1 Answer

Explain a situation at your previous job (Conference Center) when 2 or more groups were in-house and their were complaints from attendees from one group complaining about the other group attendees. What did you do?

1 Answer

They agm and area gm were very concerned if I knew how to schedule team members and balance a budget/order supplies. According to them, the past FOM did a poor job.

1 Answer

Describe a situation in which your work was criticized and how you handled it?

1 Answer

Be prepared to answer the questions in STAR format - Situation, Task, Action, Results Be prepared with at least 3 scenarios, dealing with customer service, technical service, how you lead/engage with the team

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Do you like dogs?

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