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How does indexing work in a database? How is it implemented? what happens when user types ABC?

2 Answers

Implemented as a tree, When user types ABC, the db will return all matches/subtrees below C - all ABCD's, ABCE's, etc. If there are multiple ABCD's, then the lowermost node-leaf-D-will point to all the ABCD locations.

Recursive algorithm for Fibonacci sequence is not nlog(n), it must be ~1.6^n, i.e. very bad, hm..

Pick anything you are knowledgeable about and give me a 30 second pitch about why I should either buy it or agree with you.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work at Chipotle?

3 Answers

Past experience and scenario questions.

1 Answer

List three things you can do with regedit.

1 Answer

Do you have an open schedule to work? Are you able to wait here for tours for hours a day?

1 Answer

Can you answer the phone and deal with iMac users?

1 Answer

Do you speak or are willing to learn to speak Spanish?

1 Answer

Can you describe the process of looking up a table in a SQL Server database?

1 Answer

What is an issue that is important to you and how would you get someone to support it?

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