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Name 5 ways to save battery life on an iPhone.

2 Answers

I'll give you a hint, closing the apps does nothing to save battery life. Things such as decreasing screen brightness, turning off bluetooth & WiFi, et. will help....

1. Reduce brightness 2. Use wifi when available 3. Switching off LTE 4 is not really needed. Switching off Bluetooth when is not needed 5. Edit your "fetch new data" for your emails.

I can't remember specific questions, but the process is challenging. Interviewees are expected to answer each questions by describing the situation (S), describing their behavior (B) to the situation, and ultimately discussing the outcome (O). Remember - SBO.

"Tell me about a time where you thought you had all the answers about something, but actually didn't. How did you finally make a decision?"

Composure when deal with emotional customers technical and non-technical solutions to circumstancs

Why do you want to work here

1 Answer

to work overtime

1 Answer
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