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Options for Community Living
Full Time Mental Health Counselor was asked...July 12, 2014

What would you do if a client said they wanted to kill themselves, someone else, etc.

2 Answers

Talk them down get them some help make sure nothing around so they can hurt they self Less

Be sure to note that if they were a risk to themselves or someone else, that you would try to de escalate any current situation, keep them with you/where u can see them while you call 911. Less


Your favorite Nike shoe

13 Answers

They,will contact you, I got my background check back its been completed cause I ask for a copy, remember if you got the email for a background check as long as your background check is good u got the job, the store opens on the 27 so we still got time before it opens Less

I was in Brooklyn the other day on flatbush ave so I decided to go by the Nike store...I walk inside and they got a whole crew of ppl working already I asked to speak to a manager. I tell him what happened and how they did the background check but didn't hire us, he said they are done with the hiring till the store open on thursday , that crushed me I am like why send us for a background check and don't hire us, he like we had a cutboff point we couldn't hire anyone else till the store open, I was hurt cause I had many other interviews for NIKETOWN and I turned them down to work here and I quit my footlooker job ro o, he like you don't have the job till we make you a offer with a dollar amount and then f you accept it then you are hired , I wanted to breakdown right their and curse him out, butni had my five year old son with me, I never in my life heard a job give you a background check without you getting ng the job Less

I got the the phone interview about 5 days ago. I would like to know if they tell you the day to do a face to face interview right after the phone interview or do they call/ email you on another day. Thanks Less

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When was a time that you had to deal with a unhappy or hostile customer, and what was the outcome?

11 Answers

I got "the letter" . I was not picked. Oh well, I will keep on trying...

Me too they sent an email saying training classes were full but that might be a nice way of saying not qualified Less

Lauren, sorry. I have not gotten the call back yet. I couldn't find where to post anything but whether I had accepted, or had not, so I put that I had. I read somewhere that it took at least a week?? Less

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St Andrew's Healthcare

How do you think you would handle difficult situations and describe a scenario where you’ve dealt with one.

5 Answers

In difficult situation wait for patients and creat a plan how to desire problem and it solution according to their order Less

In difficult situation always I nead my team support or other wise in my porting life get its solution Un fortunately my life is get different types of critical problem ,so I can't fear any critical situatin Less

I say that my life face different problem so I will try to face every problem create it's solution and get achieved Less

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PHONE INTERVIEW: A golf ball and a golf club are $1.10 together. The golf club costs a dollar more than the golf ball. How much is the golf ball?

4 Answers

I had a hard time, but the woman was super nice about it and I realized I had to use algebra to solve the problem. Just be calm under pressure and you'll do fine. Less

I don't want to be rude but what kind of Algebra did you have to use ? It seems like a high school level equation to be fair Less

Really? I guess the only catch is if tax is included.

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Tell me why you want this role?

3 Answers

Well, i said because I think i deserve it and I'm a free thinker and FB allows me to do that. Also, I love advertising and this is my ream role and I wantto do this myself. I also said that I can give new ideas that can help prosper the Ads Integrity in FB as I'm more young and dynamic as compared to old people. Less

so what's exactly the job doing?

Really i that a question...? Why you want this role..? Because i would like to earn money and i need to get engaged in some work Less


What i knew about Chanel.

3 Answers

The chanel is the brand of all kind of product.Chanel is the brand bages shoes glases & many more.it is the brand of u.k Less

It’s not from UK

I talked a little bit about Mademoiselle Chanel then went into the fashion.


What was your high school GPA?

3 Answers

High school GPA is pointless, all that shows is that you did what you were told, and didn't see the bigger picture and understand that they are trying to turn you into a laborer. I had a low GPA but I got a 21 on the act, meanwhile all my friends who were 3.95-4.0 got 13-16. It really comes down to how a individual will handle a uncomfortable situation, and there day to day work ethic. And of course communication skills. Less

We like to know your college GPA as a measure of work ethic and educational background. It is likely that you were interviewing for a part time position straight out of high school. Less

Who the heck looks at High School GPA?


When was the last time you used illegal drugs?

2 Answers

What was the last thing you took from your current employer without paying for?


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