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"A customer is buying cans of vegetables that are ringing up at $0.75, but she insists they were on sale for $0.35. What would you do?"

4 Answers

They want you to just take the customers word and change the price without question for things like this, so long as it's within $3. If it's more than that you should call someone to check the price on the item, if it's less, they don't care.

Ask for help to get a price check and tell the customer it will be quick.

I will call the manager and they can help me to do something about like changing price.

How would you handle a rude customer

3 Answers

What would you do if there was a line of angry customers and the person infront was taking a long time to order?

3 Answers

Explain the perfect manager in your opinion.

2 Answers

Explain to me a time in a past job where you stepped up as a manager

2 Answers

What do you know about vegan, gluten free, kosher, etc diets?

2 Answers

What is an obstacle you overcame?

8 Answers

Name your greatest weaknesses.

4 Answers

Is the Salesforce.com/Force.com platform a "relational database"?

5 Answers

where do you see yourself in 5 years

3 Answers
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