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What techniques do you use to deal with difficult behavior.

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Depending on the behavior I would ignore attention seeking behaviors and redirect to the task. Once task is completed then reward will be given.

Expect students attending your teaching presentation to ask very off-topic questions.

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The dean asked me if I'm the kind of person that feels compelled to swear around the students (haha!). He was trying to convey that there is a certain teaching etiquette that some instructors don't adhere.

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Are you currently interviewing or have you had offers with any other companies?

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Give an example of a time that you had to confront a difficult coworker and how you resolved the situation.

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"We pay $1,000 per 12-13 week class. Is that acceptable?"

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What is your teaching philosophy?

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They were obviously not interested in considering me. I was asked what my professional goals were. I was also asked about classroom management. I showed them a portfolio with excellent examples of original supplemental materials, detailed lesson plans, and the design of curriculum with syllabi, schedule, and class rules. The gave it a perfunctory glance.

Discuss an issue with a student and explain how you handled it.

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