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Full Time Stock Associate Interview Questions


Full time stock associate interview questions shared by candidates

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Please explain your lapse in employment.

1 Answer

Can you differentiate between high end and low end clothing and other merchandise?

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What is an example of good customer service you displayed at a previous job?

How did you deal with difficult coworker

1 Answer

Describe a difficult situation in a previous job.

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How do you deal with stress management.

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What is your favourite product/scent in the store? Why?

Tell us a past accomplishment you're proud of and why.

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What sort of education did you pursue and why? What did you like/dislike?

They will want to know why you're taking a seasonal job and if you're looking to stay on after the season. They will ask how you handled specific customer services experiences of the past, how you respond to seeing a co-worker doing something against policy, ect.