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DC Placement Advisors
FX Trader was asked...September 9, 2020

¿cuánto sabía del mercado de divisas?

1 Answers

Tengo varios cursos sobre el mercado de divisas, sabía bien lo que preguntaba.

Maverick Trading
FX Trader was asked...October 20, 2017

Why I wanted to work with Maverick Trading?

1 Answers

I traded for years with no success and needed structure and support which they provided. Less

Western Alliance Bank
FX Trader was asked...October 2, 2019

Tell me about yourself.

1 Answers

I studied finance and economics and would like to work in banking.


Do I like to help businesses while making good money.

1 Answers


Neuberger Berman

You want to buy 20m cable (GBPUSD). How do you ask the broker for it?

1 Answers

What's your price for the cable in 20?

Neuberger Berman

How do interest rates influence the forward price?

1 Answers

Explain what a forward price is and then detail how would someone be providing that, i.e. the forward price is the price of an asset set today for a delivery some time in the future. If I were to promise you that I'll deliver 100 USD in 3 mths time, I'll have borrow sterling in order to buy 100-x USD today (pay sterling for it at today's spot), deposit it for 3mths at the 3mth dollar rate and finally deliver you 100 USD. I choose x so that when the interest is added the result will be 100USD. You will pay me today's spot plus the interest rate differential between USD and GBP. Less

Forex Signs

what technical indicators are used in your analysis?

1 Answers

MACD, RSI, Fibo retracement and so on

Samuel and Co Trading

What are your expected earnings for the job

1 Answers

50% of profits

Standard Bank Group
FX Trader was asked...August 27, 2018

To provide and overview of my experience

1 Answers

Factually and with confidence. The role involves delivering on numbers so make sure you have an established track record of the same. Also be honest! Less

Maverick Trading

How did you hear about us?

1 Answers

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