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Gambling interview questions

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How many invoices did you process in your last accounts payable position?

3 Answers

It has been many years since I have worked as an A/P clerk and I can not give an accurate estimate except to say that I was the only A/P clerk working for a mid-size manufacturing company.

I have worked AP at several places. My answer to this question would have been "more payables to enter than was humanly possible to handle." I used to have anxiety attacks on my way to that job. Finally quit.

I have had a lot of experience with accounts payable especially with the casino industry. In one month I've done between 1,500 to 2,000 invoices.

What would you do if you see two guests fighting on the floor.

1 Answer

How do you address an abnormality in the financial review?

2 Answers

What is your experience with budgeting?

1 Answer

What types of computer skills do you possess?

5 Answers

How do you handle a customer service issue with a difficult customer

Is it more profitable to have one blackjack table with 5 players, or 5 blackjack tables with one player each?

4 Answers

All the questions were pretty normal, such as "If you have a supervisor that you don't get along with what do you do?" and the like.

3 Answers

Asked me where I saw myself in five years. Standard stuff.

2 Answers

There are 7 balls - of which 6 are identical, one weighs slightly less. You have a two sided scale (like Lady Justice's) that you can use just twice. How do you find the odd ball?

2 Answers
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