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Do you draw?

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I love drawing. I’m currently enrolled at full sail

Como iniciamos

What's your favorite game from Rockstar?

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I was interviewed by two of the lead game artists assigned to a project on which I would have been assigned a contract. After completing a skill test, which they demonstrated excitement, and confidence in, I was asked to show more (past) examples of the type of work that was performed in the test. I can not, to this day, figure out why anyone would care about an artists past skill-set as opposed to their most recent, and most relevant work. I was denied this position because I did not have a backlog of relevant work, however, had a current, on-demand example of the skills required for, and expected by this company and position.

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Why do you think you would be a fit here at Three Rings Design; Sega of America?

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Describe how you take feedback?

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I was asked about some obscure technical knowledge about animation that I was not familiar with.

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Do you like video games? What consoles do you own? Have you ever written as a video game journalist before?

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How long have you played Rockstar game titles?

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Tell me about your experience with using Unreal Engine.

What projects have you worked on. What software do you use. Years of experience...

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