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You're given a million dollars and 10 engineers to start a business, describe your approach and how you use those resources.

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Figured it was a prompt to explain market knowledge, and did a sales pitch for a possible B2B company with an MVP. Was way out on my assumption, as I was abruptly interrupted half-way in - "But now you're out of money!" Fun question, 3 hours into the interview...

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project manager asked me . what you will be after 5 years? . and tell me about your career . i got phone call from project manager . and schedule time to make interview .I got number and area of company and i have gone to it . Interview was good

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They asked me to rate my skills as a developer. They went through the technologies they use and asked me how much I knew conceptually and practically about each of them. Think out of 10s ratings.

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How can you create a 'final' class in C++ that is enforced by the compiler

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Was I willing to relocate?

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What I thought about the current state of gaming.

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They just asked me a ton of Unity Questions, as well as some simple game design ones.

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Do you have any moral issues with gambling or slot machines?

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Like the other reviewer, I was asked to produce a test project for them.

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They asked me how can i improve their services

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