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They may ask you to describe how you tie your shoes, or make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This sounds silly, but the purpose is to learn how well you can outline a point and describe a solution to a question: since the job of game master is largely to tell people how to access this or that, or explain why something is happening in game, it's important that they know how well you can politely and succinctly answer questions that may seem common sense or even stupid to you, but that for one reason or another escapes the person asking the question.

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Line it out deliberately without taking too long, and be lighthearted about it.

What kind of salary are you expecting?

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If revenue all of a sudden busts on a weekend, at a given hour, and you're the only one working at that moment, what do you do? On the flip side if revenue suddenly booms, what do you do?

Say you're watching over a group, in mid game, and noticed a lock was not properly locked. What do you do?

What qualifies you for this job?

Talk about a time when you failed.

Talk about previous projects you have worked on.

Do you understand the duties of a Game Master?

Why do you want to work for Blizzard?

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