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What is your favorite Character from the HoN or any other S2 Games?

1 Answer

I didn't know any of the characters before hand. I didn't play their games as I was unable to in the past. But I did see a character in the lobby to the left of me with a Dragon. His name is Bastion.

How many dogs are in the USA?

1 Answer

You have any question?

1 Answer

Take a minute to describe to us on paper a simple object located within the room (without obviously stating the name of the object). This description must be concise, yet descriptive enough for a person on the other side the world who has never been within this room - to understand and envision what you have described.

1 Answer

How would you be a part of the team and what changes could you bring to the workforce for S2 Games

1 Answer

If you have checked a level in a game you were working on and was not able to find any bugs what would you do?

1 Answer

Do you have any experience with a Mac computer?

1 Answer

What is your favorite game? Are there any game you would NEVER play?

3 Answers

What kind of games do you usually play? Favorite genres, previous experience with games and so on.

How often do you play video games?

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