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what is 2^4

7 Answers

Seriously you didnt know that.. lol.. 16. Easiest way to get it --> left shift 2<<3 !

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Out of respect for the company and the NDA signed I won't disclose questions. I will say the onsite interview involved 3D math, gameplay design, memory management, and architecture.

1 Answer

How would you implement a tracking script that rotated an object to always follow a target without turning too sharply?

1 Answer

Create a c++ program of standard tic tac toe for two players using nothing but the standard C/C++ library. Bonus: add implementation for undoing of moves Bonus: add support for the mnk variation.

1 Answer

Write a deck of class class that contains 52 cards in the deck in C++.

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If you had a room full of floating balls in a box, what would be the bottleneck of processing, given that you have to calculate velocity, collision of balls and the wall, and trajectory?

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Tell me about the most recent projects you've worked on.

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Explain your philosophy/reasoning of implementing the 2nd question the way you implemented.

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Describe an entity management system that avoids dangling pointers.

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Write a game where some players are playing with this deck. Each player draws 5 cards randomly from this deck then players compares the sum of value in their hands. Return the player with highest drawing value and his drawing value. Treat J, Q and K as 10.

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