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Naughty Dog
Gameplay Programmer was asked...July 3, 2015

what is 2^4

3 Answers

Seriously you didnt know that.. lol.. 16. Easiest way to get it --> left shift 2<<3 ! Less

I dont get it Is this person being sarcastic about being it being hard, did he actually interview with them? Cuz even if you dont know whats 2^4 it takes like 1s to calculate that in mind Less

2^6 = 64 NOTE: '6' 2^10 = 1024 NOTE: '10' If you don't want to calculate it starting from the beginning, memorize these two benchmarks to get to the answer a little faster. If you're asked something like: what is 2^8, start from the 2^6 benchmark and double that twice. (I know... I'm lazy...) Less

Insomniac Games

Giving the positions of a plane and a point, how do you judge if the point is above of below the plane. I was not allowed to go on the internet for any reference. I didn't answer very well since I am an international student and was not familiar with English words about maths.

2 Answers

how long did it take for you to get word back after you submitted the first test? also, how long do you have to prepare before the phone interview Less

1) construct the normal vector from the given plane to the given point : N1 2) the plane has a positive (that points "above" the plane) normal assigned to it (or need to calculate it as well) : N2 (for example you can use the right hand rule to setup such a normal) 3) test if the two (parallel) normals are of opposite direction : since N1 = c*N2 , if c > 0 ==> point is "above" plane, else point is below plane. Less

Insomniac Games

How would you implement a tracking script that rotated an object to always follow a target without turning too sharply?

1 Answers

Every frame, get the vector to the target, and get the forward vector of the object. Dot(ToTargetVector, ForwardVector) = cos (angle between them) So angle = acos(Dot(ToTarget,Forward)). Clamp that to max angle that you can turn every frame. Turn that amount every frame. Less

Insomniac Games

What is the problem with inheritance for reusing code in a large code base

1 Answers

Inheritance can over complicate classes just to reuse simple code In other words(In a fast explanation), deriving for a parent to just reuse a simple sample of code could bring many other set of either unused or over complex sets of code which should not be used by the class or are not needed, and all this for a simple sample of code. Less

Insomniac Games

Out of respect for the company and the NDA signed I won't disclose questions. I will say the onsite interview involved 3D math, gameplay design, memory management, and architecture.

1 Answers

My recommendation is to be transparent in all parts of the interview. Admit when you don't know something and have a willingness to learn. Be comfortable with the dot product, cross product, affine matrices, kinematics, general C++, and the design of gameplay systems. Less

Bethesda Softworks

They asked questions about C++ specific knowledge.

1 Answers

The key in these questions is to cover the fundamentals, and be ready for the back-and-forth with the interviewer. Might be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Bethesda Softworks or ex-Bethesda Softworks Gameplay Programmer experts on Prepfully? They give real-world practice and guidance, which is pretty helpful. Less


Create a c++ program of standard tic tac toe for two players using nothing but the standard C/C++ library. Bonus: add implementation for undoing of moves Bonus: add support for the mnk variation.

1 Answers

Created a more efficient algorithm for testing board wins, used a stack for undoing of moves. Less

Heavy Iron Studios

If you had a room full of floating balls in a box, what would be the bottleneck of processing, given that you have to calculate velocity, collision of balls and the wall, and trajectory?

1 Answers

Can you share more information abot the 3-hour coding challenge? like how many questions, what knids of these questions, related data structures and algorithms, even specific questions details? Less

Sucker Punch Productions

Tell me about the most recent projects you've worked on.

1 Answers

What did they ask you in the Skype interview?


About memory management-> everything related to this topic

1 Answers

Went from basics to the extreme.

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