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It wasn't a difficult question, but rather more of a condescending one. When I was receiving the job description, the man interviewing me consistently brought to light that I would need to lift heavy bags of dirt and etc. when the guys weren't around. This was not only common sense, but it was unnecessary when he kept saying 'when the guys aren't around', as if I couldn't do it myself.

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I kept my professionalism and assured him I'd be able to do the job.

Name a time when you were unable to complete an assigned task on time? Why couldn't you finish the task? What did you do to try and complete the task? What was the outcome?

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Are you a non-smoker and do you have either a GED or high school diploma (or are working towards one)?

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There are rules in every work place that you may not like or disagree with, describe a time when you didn't follow the rules and what was the outcome?

What would you do if you disagreed with a managers strategy?

How many hours can I work

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"What is your availability for holidays and weekends?"

tell me about a time when you made a mistake how did you fix it

There were no surprises or difficult questions! My prior research provided me with the essential questions.

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