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Gartner Interview Questions

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What is your sales experience?

2 Answers

Did they contact you to let you know you were not hired? Did they give you feedback after the final interview? I am considering applying but don't want to waste my time... Thanks!

They did contact me. I was not hired and their feedback was not what I expected. They were somewhat mean about it from the very beginning. I do feel like I passed up many other job opportunities while waiting for Gartner to get back to me. The entire process took about three months and they did not really treat me like I was a valued potential employee. BUT...I hear once you are hired, it is a wonderful company to work for. It is worth it if you get hired...

If I were a brick, where would I like to be placed in the wall?

2 Answers

What metrics were you measered by in your current role?

1 Answer

What research have you done in the technology field

1 Answer

You will need to understand how Gartner solutions can be applied and you may be asked during interviews.

1 Answer

basic to some moderate top grading formatted questions...nothing hard.

2 Answers

You have 15 minutes to talk to a CIO with 5 major initiatives you need to solve for them. What do you do?

3 Answers

Describe yourself

1 Answer

Why do you want this job?

1 Answer

What drives you...

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