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Geek Squad, Agent (CIA) was asked...April 12, 2009

If an elderly lady was upset that her computer was infected with a virus, what would you tell her?

3 Answers

I guess that worked for you because you got the job. But I think they were looking for more of an answer like "oh well i'm sorry you got a virus, but we can remove it for you, also we have security software that will keep you from getting another one. If thats something you aren't comfortable with setting up yourself we would be happy to install it for you" Less

I would show empathy inform her that this has happened to me before and ensure the proper expectation after removing virus to add security to prevent this from happening again. Less

I would explain to her that she needs proper security software that is up to date and not to download anything that is unknown to her. Less

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Would you turn your friend in for stealing a bag of chips?

3 Answers


Yes because yourself and your co-workers are representative for the company, so when ur co-worker steal from there own company it just doesn't make the company look bad but also the team working at that company. Less

hell no!

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What I would do if a customer asked to speak to a Manager that was not available.

3 Answers

When I got requests like that, I'd just say "Well he/she isn't here right now, but is there something I can help you with?". If they said no, I would tell them when that manager would be in next. Less

I would simply ask what is your concern, what can I do to make it better. I would than offer a solution and show empathy towards the situation. Less

I stated that I would simply attempt to resolve the issue as best as I can and if that was not sufficient, that I would get the customers name and # and have a Mgr call back. (although I had to wonder how long a Big Box retailer can operate without management being available to talk to customers?) Less

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Explain the concept of a hard drive and memory to a really old lady and what does it mean if a hard drive crashed?

3 Answers

I'd explain it as an old vinyl record, and for one reason or another it got a big scratch on it. So when the computer tries to "play", it skips, and doesn't know what to do after the skip. Less

I don't remember how I answered this but I briefly laughed and made some analogy of a trinket box (hard drive) and the jewelry being programs or something like that being put into that hard drive and the crash having the hinges broken where you couldn't store that jewelry in the box need a new box. The memory..have no idea what I said. The Sales manager kinda laughed but loved the answer..this was followed with two other questions before he called in the GM Less

My response would be that the hard drive is the brain of your computer. Think of it as having a headache or not feeling well, which in turn does not make you work at your best. Less

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How would you descibe work ethics?

3 Answers

Work ethic is dedication to completing a assignment with maximum efficiency, quality, and care. One cannot have good work ethic if he is apathetic towards his assignment. Less

I'm good work

A person that is always on time and shows good quality on the job.

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What will you do if a customer is upset that his device isn't ready for pickup? (GM QUESTION)

1 Answers

I would apologize to the customer and assure them that we are doing everything we can to make sure their device is in the best condition for pickup as soon as possible. Less

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Why are you leaving your current company a second time?

2 Answers

Because that job offers only seasonal work.

Well as you can see on my resume that the previous job was just a job. With Best Buy I will finally have what I been looking for A career opportunty. Less

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Describe a situation where you fixed a technical/computer problem that no one else could fix, and tell us why you think your solution worked where others failed.

2 Answers

I described a time at my old IT job where my boss asked me to setup a bunch of new computers with fresh OS installs. Instead of doing each one manually, I did my research first and found out there's a better way (setting up an RDP server). My solution worked better because I was thinking outside the box, instead of doing things the same old way. Less

I want to work create their own musical instruments

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If a customer comes in with an outdated computer that they are dearly attached to and is in a bad state of repair, how do you handle this situation?

2 Answers

First and foremost you want to sympathies with your customer, maybe share a story about how you once had a computer just like that, and you loved it to death. However explain that you understood that you had to move on, and even though it was hard to see the old girl go, you are quite happy with your choice in buying a new computer. Explain to them that there are several models of computers in store that are very responsibly priced, and with technology advances in recent times compared to (however many years old their computer is) , that they would see a very large increase in speed and user friendliness. Less

show them how much it would be to resolve their concern(s), be it by adding ram, replacing the hd, restore, virus removal, or whatever is involved in the service. usually as the number creeps into the $200 category, explain to them that they may want to consider a new computer for just a little more, and explain the benefits. i think the most important thing is to do the right thing for the customer--if the customer is not going to be happy with a new computer, why push it on them? i think that as a salesperson (advisor, associate, whatever) it's more important to present the objective facts and let the customer make a decision that he/she would be most satisfied with. Less

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Tell me about yourself.

2 Answers

The oldest question in the book...but they still wanted to know what you would say. Keep it simple. Tell them a little about your roots, passion for technology, etc. Less

As old as the question is, it's also rated one of the top 10 most difficult questions. Less

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