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Explain the concept of a hard drive and memory to a really old lady and what does it mean if a hard drive crashed?

3 Answers

I don't remember how I answered this but I briefly laughed and made some analogy of a trinket box (hard drive) and the jewelry being programs or something like that being put into that hard drive and the crash having the hinges broken where you couldn't store that jewelry in the box need a new box. The memory..have no idea what I said. The Sales manager kinda laughed but loved the answer..this was followed with two other questions before he called in the GM

I'd explain it as an old vinyl record, and for one reason or another it got a big scratch on it. So when the computer tries to "play", it skips, and doesn't know what to do after the skip.

My response would be that the hard drive is the brain of your computer. Think of it as having a headache or not feeling well, which in turn does not make you work at your best.

What will you do if a customer is upset that his device isn't ready for pickup? (GM QUESTION)

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What was your worse job you ever had and why?

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Name a time you had to deal with an irate customer, and how you handled it.

What Skills and knowledge do you have working at GeekSquad

How would you handle a situation with an angry customer?