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General Merchandise & Superstores interview questions

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Describe a situation where you worked in a team to finish certain task

2 Answers

I worked in a medical store and assigned a task to supply a wholesaler with large quantity of antibiotics capsule, we worked as a team to finish the task on time (all of the employee from manager to laborer) , the task was delivered on the required time, customer was happy and all of us felt a sense of satisfaction.

I worked on Black Friday working at forever 21. It's was 4 of us in the men section. I assigned everyone a task & for the most part we were working efficiently, but one co-worker had enough, and quit on us. Witt the 3 of us picking up the slack another co-worker quit. And then there were 2. We tried the best we can and stuck it out to the end as a team, but job wouldn't have been nearly as clean if we didn't lose 2 people.

How would you do you handle gossip.

3 Answers

The most difficult question was: "Why are you more suited for this position than all of the other applicants?"

4 Answers

What is your best and worst quality?

2 Answers

can you lift 80 lbs

2 Answers

Would you leave after 1 month?

2 Answers

Did you conflict with another coworker how did you handle it?

1 Answer

Where did you previously work?

1 Answer

What's a good trait about yourself?

1 Answer

The question was,"What did you like best about your last boss?".

1 Answer
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