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If you could structure the world in one of 3 ways with no scarcity, no problems, and no rules; how would you do it?

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The first thing would ensure no scarcity. With no scarcity it would reduce problems and fighting for resources. Then, to eliminate problems I would educate people in social skills. With these taken care of, rule may not be necessary.

Tell me a time when you went beyond the call of Customer Service and did something extraordinary.

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which division of the company do you want to work for. On surface it seems like a reasonable question, but in the eyes of a recent graduate interviewing for an intern position - i would be lying if I had any basis to give a good answer to that.. and they should know that.

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Why don't you have your PhD in math?

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Where else are you interviewing (multiple times by different people, over and over again)

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Tell me about xx accomplishment on your resume?

"why do you want to work here" and "why do you want to leave your job" and "what do you like about the job" was asked several times.

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Do you prefer working with a close group of friends or just acquaintances?

How do you see yourself as a cultural fit in this company? Why do you want to work for iCIMS? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 10 years from now? Can you tell us of a time where you were failed to accomplish a task assigned to you? Can you tell us of a time where you had to work with others as a team to complete a project or task. In addition, a few technical questions were asked. After successfully answering these questions, interviewers provide a false sense of assurance that you are considered by them to be a strong candidate.

Would you be comfortable talking to CEOs and higher management?

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