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Geospatial Analyst was asked...March 16, 2020

Do you have any LiDAR experience or with topobathymetric data? Do you enjoy working in a cubicle for 40 hours a week?

1 Answers

Training at university.

Teledyne Technologies

Question from first interview: "Why are manhole covers round and not square (please give 5 reasons). This question is to see how you do without preparation.

1 Answers

1. They can't fall in on themselves as squares can by going diagonal. 2. Circles provide more area for less material than squares so it is economical. 3. The manhole is likely cylindrical due to the cost effectiveness of the volume vs material ratio. 4. If the cover becomes un-level over time a corner will not be sticking up as may happen with a square manhole cover. 5. Ummmm.... Aesthetics? Looks nicer than square ones? Less


How do you tell if an image is sharp?

1 Answers

Either edge detection (Laplacian), look at the variance, or FFT of image, look at high vs low frequency Less

Sir Robert McAlpine

Why do you want to join us?

1 Answers

Normal answer for these types of questions.


Do you have any experience with analyzing raw imagery datasets and producing higher level data products?

1 Answers

I mentioned my experience with orthorectification and creating DEMs.


What do we need to do to have you come work for us?

1 Answers

I discussed salary preferences.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Group Exercise

1 Answers

This, in my opinion, mattered the least and was not surprisingly very easy. Make sure you communicate with your group and vocalize your thought process. Note: Although difficult, try to make sure you let your personality shine throughout the entire interview process, this will only help you stand out. Even though its government its still just people hiring people. Less

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Oral Presentation followed by 6 questions about analytical capabilities (problem solving)

1 Answers

Again keep a good "story" pool and make sure to answer the question in the S.T.A.R. format. you will likely have a briefing you've prepared before proceeding with the interview. DO bring relevant information to show to the interviewer and make sure you research the hell out of your topic you will have to convince them of whatever case you are making. Less


What would you do if you were running out of time to meet a deadline?

1 Answers

Keep open communication of progress and coordinate in advance to work together with coworkers informing them of the situation to meet the deadline and not impact the business. Less

Cyberhawk Innovations

What attracted me to Cyberhawk?

1 Answers

The lifestyle and company values.

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