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Do you have children? What are their ages? Who is going to watch them while you are traveling? When are you going to have your next child?

2 Answers

My answer was to each of those: by law, you are not allowed to pose those questions, so I will not answer.

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Tell me about a time where you faced a sales challenge or obstacle.

1 Answer

How would I get new partners for Masergy?

1 Answer

Are you willing to re-locate? Will you take on accounts # 1-5? Will you stay for minimum 2 years? What are the top 3 locations you would like to re-locate to?

1 Answer

How do you start the selling process. What are the first steps you would take.

1 Answer

Mostly situational type questions. Also about leadership style.

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when you had to struggle with uncertainty

1 Answer

How I would approach the GAM role?

1 Answer

What was the typical deal size and length of sales cycle in your previous positions?

1 Answer

What types of partners have you worked with in the past?

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