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What did I know about Airbnb Marketing?

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Briefly outlined my experience with many of their suppliers and the contracts/Cost management I had achieved at other companies in my past. Did not seem to register with the interviewer as she did not seem to understand the perimeters or demands of this position.

Tell me why you want to be in healthcare.

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How would you approach emerging markets from a business perspective? And how would you get other parts of the business to see the value in those markets (especially compared to the much higher short and longterm value of existing markets).

Each interviewer asked the same behavioral and competency questions on how to deal with situations (except for HR) which asked about what I did to further diversity at my workplace but then asked the same set of competency questions that I was asked several times before. I tried to recall different scenarios in my experiences but was running out them. It could have been a little more original.

Why did you leave Momentive where you had spent 15 years with?

What books do you read?

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Started off with telling about what type of questions that the recruiter wanted to ask today and that she would be back to give me feedback within five days. Questions were very standardized. Tell me about yourself? Why did you quit your last job? How come you took that decision (almost implying, that was a strange decision)? Why did you move to the US? What would be your greatest asset for this job? Then briefly thanked me and hang up. After the phone screening I didn't hear anything back from the recruiter. Since she said she would come back I thought she would do so both with a positive or a negative outcome, but nope, nothing.

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