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Tell me about yourself.

1 Answer

It's difficult as you are trying to figure out how to sell yourself and how you are unique but also match your answer to the criteria they are looking for.

Behavior questions and Why i was interested in Risk management

The questions were standard behavioral questions, and questions about things on my resume. There were no difficult or unexpected questions

How do I deal with multiple projects at once? How was I at excel?

1 Answer

How does C and Java deal with memory? (malloc/garbage collecting) Write pseudocode for reading in a string mathematical operation (2 + 3 * 6 for example) and calculating it, returning a numeric value. SQL joins

What will you do if your advisor has different opinion with you?

Most questions are related with my resume, my experience, projects and behavioural questions.

Assume you have a portfolio with a default rate of 3% and you want to maximize profitability., explain how....

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