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Global Supply Manager Interview Questions


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Why are you interested in the company? How does your background relate to the role?

Tell me a time when you made your supervisor angry

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How many children are Born every day

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1. Previous Experience 2. Challenges at work 3. Why Apple? 4. Should cost modeling session/ negotiation when supplier asks for a price increase 5. Other question mentioned in glassdoor for similar position

We require long term commitment. Will you be able to do that?

Unexpected question: - three doors are in front of you. one of them has a brand new car and the other two have haystack. You can open only one which would you choose. and then after you choose. one of the other doors are open to show you the haystack. Now would you change your decision or keep it the same? From the movie 21. Hadn't watched it then.

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"What are the key elements of a contract?"

"How would you calculate the percentage of costs as overhead when purchasing a new technology?"

How involved do you like to be during the Engineering NPI Phase?

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