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"Describe the sourcing process from start-to-finish"

Normal questions for a behavioral interview. They focused heavily on SKU management and every person asked me how many SKUs I was responsible for. One person asked me why I wanted to come to Apple. Another asked me to describe how I would figure out how fruit apples per year were exported from China.

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1. Why apple? 2. What's your most favorite feature of your iPhone and why? 3. What improvements would you make in the existing design (external appearance) if given an opportunity? 4. Explain situation when you used your negotiation skills (STAR question) and achieved desired outcome. 5. What's material used in iPad buttons (volume control and power) and why ? Describe manufacturing process for the buttons ? 6. How will you ensure material availability during product development phase ?

During your last performance review, what was your weakest attribute/skill. Nothing unexpected. Expects typical valuation/pricing/negotiation questions.

Tell me about a time when you had a disagreement with a colleague and how you dealt with the situation.

Am I actively looking for a job?

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Explain exactly how you would negotiate a contract to entice a vendor to increase yields without affect quality and cost.