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We are looking for someone with a Global mindset. What type of experience do you have with Global markets.

Describe your procurement experience and the types of goods and services?

Why were you attracted to Plenty? What about this role specifically?

Case Studies - how many ping pong balls can you fit into a 747 etc. This was followed by skill based interviews - technical questions about managing the supply chain were asked. Finally, there was a case with 30 minutes to prepare and present about launch a new product

Why is supply chain so important?

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1. How well do you know Should Cost Modeling? 2. Background related questions - How well do you know your supplier's supply chain?

All questions were not as tough as i thought earlier. Pretty standard ones, asking about cost modeling, negotiation experience, and behavioral questions.

1) Why Apple? 2) What are the difference between your current job and the Apple job? 3) What's your best quality (strength) 4) What's your weakness 5) Give me an example of tough negotiation 6) How do you drive cost down 7) What are the processes in making the housing (show and tell) 8) What are the features of the last Iphone you use that you like or dislike. 9) What's the difference between negotiating with a Chinese supplier and the Western supplier.

Why do you want to work for Apple

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