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Five people are going out to dinner and all are of different ages. What is the probability that they will sit around a circular table in the correct order of age, regardless of direction?

2 Answers

1/12 This is a permutation question. 5/5 people can sit in the first seat and then from there are 4 seats. On both sides of the first seat, there will be 2 ways of ordering people around the first person so you multiply by 2/4. There after it will be multiplied by 1/3, 1/2, 1/1. Simply put: (5*2) / (5!) or (5*2*1*1*1) / (5*4*3*2*1) = 10/120 = 1/12 [This explanation is not the best. There are better explanations to this same question on this site with the same answer.]

1/12 4! for all the possible kinds of seats around a table and 2 for the ordering seat. 2/4! = 1/12

Two blind men are carrying 3 pairs of red rocks and 3 pairs of white socks. They hit each other in the mall and have to redistribute the socks so that they receive the same amount of each color they had before. They can't receive any outside help. How do they do it?

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If you were asked to get the average number of customers in a bank over the course of the week how would you do it? You cannot talk to any of the customers, you only have 30 minutes at the bank to figure out the average.

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Behavorial questions for crisis situations.

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If you were a supervisor for two weeks and you were promoted to manager unexpectedly, what would you do?

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a lot of basic programming questions that you learn freshman year and forget as time goes by.

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Please describe a time when you assumed a leadership role on a team project.

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Describe a time you did not achieve the results you wanted or when your plan was unsuccessful.

Describe a time you had to deal with a conflict at work or in school and how you dealt with it.

Name a time where you had to work with a difficult group member, how did you overcome it?

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