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"Please send three writing samples that are meaningful to you. - In addition, I’d love for you to send me some drafts of “imaginary letters” that anyone in stewardship might find themselves having to write from time to time:  A thank you letter from the Dean to a first time, alum donor of $200  A thank you letter from the Dean to a donor who just completed a 5-year pledge of $1M, in honor of her deceased husband and in support of graduate fellowships for underrepresented minority students at the GSE.  A letter to a donor who called you, very upset because their gift went to the Dean’s Discretionary Fund instead of the General PhD Fellowship Fund.  An email to a faculty member who holds an endowed chair but who has not responded to your two previous emails about needing them to write their annual letter to their donor. - I would like to you watch the first 10 minutes of a video of our dean, Dan Schwartz, who was kicking off our Alumni Excellence in Education Award reception that we hold during reunion/homecoming weekend here on campus. After watching the first 10 minutes of the video, I’d like you to please draft a letter from Dan to a very special guest who was going to attend for the first time but had to cancel at the last minute and missed the reception. Here’s the video: Dan's speech at the Alumni Awards, starts at 4:50 (should come up at that time)."

Talk about a time that you had to convince other members of a team to do things your way.

Talk about a time that you had to work under ambiguous instructions.

Basic Java OOP questions and some SQL questions

They gave me a programming assignment and asked me to write code infant of them.

What is the most import technique you learned in the PhD study?

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Are you comfortable doing sales pitches on the street?

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