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Network Rail
Graduate Civil Engineer was asked...February 6, 2017

Why are you interested in Network Rail and the graduate scheme?

9 Answers

I went to an AC on the 20th of Jan, but they still never got back to me. When did you do yours and when did they get back to you? Less

I got an email from then today saying I have been put on the reserve list

I got the same response yesterday.

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Balfour Beatty

Give us an example of a situation where you had to consider health and safety in your work? What have you done to make sure that H&S is well considered in that situation.

4 Answers

Hi guys. Regarding technical written exam, some basic were asked about concrete: 1. Why are we supposed to use steel in the concrete? 2. Draw concrete hardening figure Vs. time 3. Difference between compaction and consolidation 4. Tell us about an interesting design you have done. What made it interesting? Less

Hi, mate, would you like to share more detail about the technical written exam?

Hello, any hints into the questions asked in the video interview?

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How many years of experience do I have

3 Answers

Very little because I am a new Graduate

11 years

11 years


Interview divided in different parts: 1) writing about one topic who you can choose from a list 2) techincal question mainly to evaluate your reasoning sskills and basic technical question

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Could you please tell us more about the technical questions during the assessment day? like can you give examples? can we prepare beforehand? Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us :) very helpful :) Less

Unfortunately the "technical" was to think about a possible problem, nothing that you can study and prepare before. In my case there was a sketch and to design how to connect 2 cities with some input. The problem was not really engineering was more about reasoning. WAS NOT A ROAD DESIGN. The other question was practically an essay. Less

Hi, kindly share more information on the technical questions that were asked.


General questions about relevant experince.

2 Answers

Told them what I did. What I was responsible

No technical questions ?

Mott MacDonald

What college results did you get?

2 Answers

I passed my exam in 2006 & I have B Tech ( Hons ) Degree

I got my DAE Diploma ( Civil ) In 1996 at First Division

Mott MacDonald

What made you apply for a graduate role with Mott MacDonald?

1 Answers

This was the only competency type question I received, but the interviewer did state that my previous experience there meant that more time could be spent discussing the scheme itself and my expectations of it rather than focusing on my characteristics. My summer placement interview featured many more competency questions. Less

Network Rail

Why do you want to work for network rail?

2 Answers

hi, did you hear back from video interview? I received an email to say had passed initial screening but i'm waiting to see if been shortlisted for assessment centre. Have you heard from this stage? Less

Hi there, I received an email today saying they are now reviewing my application alongside other applicants. No mention of a shortlist so I'll just have to wait and hope for the best. All the best with your application. Less


a situation where you demonstrated team working skills

2 Answers

Work as one team make work as organization schedule and employment of employess

How difficult is the psychometric test ?

Network Rail

Tell me your experience to build a professional relationship.

2 Answers

Ya, my video interview was difficult as well

Hi, mate! I have a video interview coming. Could you pls help to recall how long will be given for each answer of a question ( time limit) ? Thank you! Less

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