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Graduate Consultant Interview Questions


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Using sql how would you find duplicated values in a table with only one row.

1 Answer

Select * From table where (count >1)

Why I think I would be a good hire for the organization and what I would bring to the table.

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Have you had any experience counting cash?

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What would be a convenient day and time for you to have an introductory call?

Tell me about a time that you failed

1 Answer

Resume based: Tell me about your projects at previous company or academic projects Why Naive Bayes (as it was mentioned in my resume) SQL queries Technical management questions such as test strategy, test plan Behavioral questions: Conflict management and resolution Difficult situation What type of job would you be interested in and why Why RMS

What is SQLi, what can happen if a site is not secured against it, how can it be prevented?

What were some security features added in Windows 8 that weren't present in Windows 7?

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