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Describe Inheritance and when you might use it?

1 Answer

Tell us about a time you took the lead in a group? How did it work out? What do you think sales means? Can sales skills be taught?

Tell me about a time when you had conflicting priorities and how you handled it.

give a real example when you lead group through a challenging situation? what was the situation? what steps did you take to lead the group? what obstacles did you overcome? how did you handle the noncooperative member?

1 Answer

Why Visa? What type of company culture are you looking for - startup or corporate?

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Someone codes and interface that consists of 3 input text boxes and a start button. When the start button is pressed a triangle will be drawn on the screen. Each side of the triangle will correspond to a length in one of the input boxes. How would you test this program?

Please provide at least 3 facts why you want to join Baker Hughes ? Tell me everything else about yourself that you think is relevant to your application in Baker Hughes. Why should we hire you?

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