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Network Rail
Graduate Engineer Electrical Electronic was asked...January 11, 2016

Why railway industry? Why Network Rail? How do you develop the professional relationship and how do you feel before during and after?

6 Answers

Show your expectation to the company and tell them how you going to make a contribution Less

Hey mate, please share the technical questions, if you can.. Thank you so much

I was not asked any obvious technical question.

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Asked to describe a component, a car relay from a fusebox (of course I named it incorrectly but knew what it was and what it did)

2 Answers

I answered incorrectly but i described what it did and where it was located within a car Less

For the egg drop are the any specific materials given that you have to use for the product design Less


Why do you want to work for Cundall?

2 Answers

Why the Building Service industry?

Cundall is a good professional company


Describe a Nuclear Plant

2 Answers

what other technical questions were you asked mate?

Hello there, could you please state what other technical questions were you asked ? thank you :) Less

Progressive AE

Asking experience based questions. They are really just trying to find out if you are a sociopath.

1 Answers

Responded honestly and concisely. Don't give them your life story but don't leave out the highlights. Less

Sellafield Ltd

What are the company working on just now?

1 Answers

I don't know as I didn't get the email that I was getting a half-hour interview


What ideas can you contribute to arup

1 Answers

Should be a concept or design that shows you think outside the box


Why Scottish Power?

1 Answers

Give me an example when you worked as a key member of a team to meet a deadline.


How share an example of leadership?

1 Answers

Example of leadership in volleyball practice


How do you resonate with their charter?

1 Answers

Pick up to 3 since time is limited, you can even focus on just 1. Give examples. Less

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