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after 5 years where you want to see yourself in the company

5 Answers

its depend on my working efficiency and how much i m valuable to the company in working area

As a ceo

As an md

technical written test: 5 programming questions. tic tac toe program left rotate array program other 3 simple programs

3 Answers

2 coding problems to solve in 90 minutes

3 Answers

You are in a room by yourself and someone walks into the room, asks you to find the temperature, and leaves. How would you find the temperature in the room without leaving the room?

3 Answers

1. What is your favorite project? Explain it to a non-technical person. 2. What are your weakness? ( some points that the your manager, employer) has told you to improve on. 3. Are immutable objects thread safe? 4. Is Quicksort the fastest sorting algorithm? 5. Is an O(n^2) alogrithm better than O(n) algorithm? 6. Specify the data structures and algorithm for a library system. 7. How did you find about this opportunity and what interested you?

3 Answers

difference between synchronous and asynchronous ...

2 Answers

Write a function (in your preferred language C, C++, or Java) that will take the given string and return the reverse. (ie. input:"abc def ghi" output:"ihg fed cba") Optimize the above code (if possible). Now knowing that the original function you wrote in pt1 is being used by other programs and cannot be modified write another function that when called will utilize the function from pt1 to only reverse the words in the sentence. (ie. input:"abc def ghi" output:"ghi def abc") Test your code.

2 Answers

Describe cache hierarchy

2 Answers

write a verilog code for sequence detector fsm 1001

2 Answers

Given a linked list of elements defined as objects of a given class delete elements from the linked list that are found in an array.

2 Answers
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