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What research area are you interested in?

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Don't be so specific that you could only see yourself working for one prof. Read up on the faculty, pick out several you like and then widen your answer to potentially include any of them. Read up on these subjects beforehand so you can ask some intelligent questions about the research projects and see if it is what you really want. Be sure to talk with the profs at recruitment weekend!

What do you think is necessary for a Graduate Assistant Position

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The professor quizzed me on several technical aspects of a journal paper I was a co-author of. Most of them were manageable. He asked me what exactly my contribution was in that paper and why I was not first author on it.

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Tell about your projects

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You are in a room by yourself and someone walks into the room, asks you to find the temperature, and leaves. How would you find the temperature in the room without leaving the room?

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How old are you?

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Write a function (in your preferred language C, C++, or Java) that will take the given string and return the reverse. (ie. input:"abc def ghi" output:"ihg fed cba") Optimize the above code (if possible). Now knowing that the original function you wrote in pt1 is being used by other programs and cannot be modified write another function that when called will utilize the function from pt1 to only reverse the words in the sentence. (ie. input:"abc def ghi" output:"ghi def abc") Test your code.

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All of the interview questions were pretty standard, but I had some questions after my presentation that were technical (in regards to my topic) that made me a little flustered.

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