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Mott MacDonald
Graduate Project Manager was asked...January 18, 2016

Competency based questions - Name a time you improved a situation, handled a heavy workload,etc Some general discussion as well, relaxed and friendly interviewers

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Hi, may I ask are you a UK applicant or an International one?

I am a UK applicant

Mott MacDonald

1) The biggest factor influencing change in developing cities. 2) How do you cope with change

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Can i ask how long it took for your to get a response after your interview? Thanks Less

What location within the UK was the role based?

Name a time a team member was not cooperating effectively and how you resolved this

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empathized rather than ostracized the member, moral support


typical interview questions like what do you know about Artelia?

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Why project management?

Transport for London

In the assessment day, we assessed where to expand cycle hire stations, as a group. We had an hour and were meant to "work together" to arrive at a set of recommendations and justifications for those recommendations.

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We looked at Chelsea vs. Tower Hamlets. Chelsea had much more uptake but, if you looked closely, you would see that this comparison was unfair because Tower Hamlets hadn't had many of the cycle hires stations even installed, yet. I think I "won points" by trying to make sure that everyone's views were getting listened to. Less

Scientific Games

How do you make people work for you

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I be friendly and patient to them, if this doesn't work than I try to put some pressure on them indirectly. Less


Why do you want to work at telent?

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Growing company, opportunity to excel, a great graduate scheme that supports development Less


As you are not currently finished with your degree, what is your predicted grade?

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I told them I wasn't currently predicted a 2:1 due to results from a single bad exam in the previous year. This was met with an abrupt end to the telephone interview. Less


A couple of group exercises followed by presentation (prepared in advance) and strengths-based interview

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Nothing out of ordinary, elementary knowledge of the company required


- How do you measure the success of a product launch? - Tell me about your past experience? - Give me an example of a time where you launched a product/feature. - Why do you want to work here? For the design interview I had to show a few pieces of past work and talk about it. I doubt many will have to go through the process I went to since it was a bit unconventional. However, just be yourself, focus on why you'd be a great fit and answer each question to the best of your ability. Practice by asking yourself questions that you'd expect to hear and work on what sounds good or needs improving. Good luck!

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I answered these questions by summarizing all of the relevant experience that I thought pertained to the role itself. Less

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