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Whats the angle between the minute and the hour hand at 3.15

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7.5 degrees

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Highly technical. Could be easily managed however, it seemed as thought the interviewer wanted me to know exactly what answers he was looking for with each question. The process in my opinion is highly subjective, do your best with the questions and hope for a positive feeback. Try your hands on questions involving M&A and Anti-trusts.

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How can this film manifest our investors to notice us?

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How many pennies are in a mall

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What do you know about the current financial situation?

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How many pennies are at a mall?

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How many lemons can you fit in a car

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Why JDX? Why consulting? What salary expectations do you have?

Why EY? What makes you qualified? Tell us about M&A. Where do you see yourself in 10, 20 years? What does focus mean to you? Tell us about a time you faced adversity. What do you think this role requires?

What challenges do you think the role in R&D faces?

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