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University of Guelph
Graduate Teaching Assistant was asked...January 6, 2020

What is your preference of the courses that you would like to be a TA

3 Answers

Introductory Microbiology

Systematic Bacteriology

Industrial Microbiology

Texas A & M University AT Galveston

Professors pick who they want as their GAT. So it helps if you are well known in the department and are involved.

1 Answers

Visited the department frequently.

Texas A & M University AT Galveston

GPA was taken into account when being selected.

1 Answers

minimum 3.0

Washington State University

Must maintain full-time status to maintain TA status. There were no interview questions, I was hired solely because of my status as grad student and 2+ years of nursing experience. Because of the lax requirements for becoming a TA, many graduate teaching assistants were severely unfit for their teaching roles.

1 Answers

Many TAs are under-qualified to teach, poor reviews at the end of the semester don't seem to be taken into account because faculty changes so frequently. Less

University of Alberta

There was no formal interview, I was a grad student and I got the job automatically. They did give us a lecture on proper teaching assistant behavior (ie: don't take bribes for giving higher grades, etc...) but it was all common sense stuff and easy to adhere to.

1 Answers

I told the University administrators I would follow all the University rules, and I did and had no problems during my 5 years working at the University of Alberta as a teaching assistant. Less

University of Kentucky

Why do you want to go to Graduate school?

1 Answers

Because I want to explore more on the area of my interest

University of Kentucky

Do you know how to use SPSS Statistical Software?

1 Answers

Not really, but I could learn how to complete different types of statistical tests for research purposes. Less

University of Lethbridge

why lethbridge university?

1 Answers

because i am in love with the small nature of the city and the name the school has achieved for itself Less

Clarus Education

Why do you want to become a teaching assistant?

1 Answers

The role of teaching assistant is more challenging , varied and meaningful than anything I have done before. I want to work in a field where I can make a real difference to people's lives and witness the positive impact of my work first hand. Less

UT Dallas

What is your level of expertise with C++ and Java script

1 Answers

I have a good knowledge to teach other how to use the language

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