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Interview Questions in Grand Island

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Have you ever done drugs?

1 Answer

I answered that I had not. (Your recruiter really emphasizes this...he even suggest you lie---and to always stick with that forever--no matter how much they pressure you.)

Tell me about your an instance where you had to stand your ground.

Tell me about a time where you lead a team to a goal.

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How can I do better than the next

1 Answer

To be honest, there weren't many questions that struck me as odd or outlandish. I think the questions where you have to be critical of yourself are always the hardest. So to be honest, there really isn't a question to be too concerned about. Just be honest, and you have nothing to worry about.

How would you handle a conflict with a customer?

They asked questions just to get to know you as a person, most of the questions didn't even have to do with work. A few questions they asked me related to my personal life such as "Best moment in your life" or "Worst moment in your life" some questions related to the job (Of course) and they were questions such as "Can you lift more then 50 pounds?" because i was applying for freight.

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