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Grant Writer Interview Questions

"When hiring grant writers, employers are looking for experienced writers with the organizational and time management skills to take on substantial requests for grant proposals. In preparation for an interview, come ready to discuss your background in researching and writing as well as describe your process when approaching a large grant."

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How do you decide which grants to apply for and which ones not to?

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I've always been very lucky in that at each of my jobs I've had the lattitude to make those decisions. I've been able to make those decisions - relatively on my own - because I maintain excellent communications with program and other staff so that I always know organizational needs and wants. As I'm doing research or as opportunities arise, I'm generally able to take advantage of them because I'm always abreast of what's going on funding-wise and organizationally.

What is your plan when you have to conduct research for a school paper?

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What transferable skills do you have from your current position to the grant writing position?

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We all meet those people who are really difficult to get along with. Tell me about a time that this happended to you and how you handled it.

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Which grants did you apply for online and which did you apply for on paper?

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What was one of my biggest accomplishments?

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Basic questions, why do you want to work here? How will you benefit the company?

They asked me about my grant-writing experience, what my priorities were that week in my current position, and how I work with other departments.

Would you be okay with the fact that you will not be meeting foundation representatives or donors/i.e., that this is purely a writing job? Have you ever written a briefing document? What is your experience working with budgets?

The interview asked if I had any prior technical writing experience, and if I knew the nature of grant writing.

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