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Them to me: How do I structure my work approach? How will I gather the necessary information? What challenges do I foresee. We were already dealing on a level beyond the typical initial meeting questions of: What are your best accomplishments? What do you think you struggle with? How do you see yourself fitting with this company. When I'm beyond that I focus on reinforcing with my client how I get jobs don in a reliable fashion though most of it is done independently.

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I asked questions too after giving answers that showed concrete understanding of the needs of the situation. In this case I asked about deadlines and how realistic it was that we could accomplish the two that they wanted with the director on maternity leave. What similar documents did they already have written for me to educate myself from in order to produce new writing. In the case of entirely new challenges, who would be available for me to interview? What educational events, tours, or meetings could I attend to self-educate? Who would be able to respond to questions or drafts to meet deadlines? Yes I'd get paid, but an unsuccessful project even if it's not my "fault" just is a bad situation. In this case, I turned down the work because we weren't going to succeed for these specific deadlines and they could see that also.

Do you have a writing example

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Can you provide an example of a successful grant writing process?

Describe a time when your working style and how you are on a team.

How would you get information from people who have competing priorities and no time to meet with you?

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