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Graphic designer Interview Questions

Graphic designer Interview Questions

In preparation for an interview, come ready to discuss your portfolio at length as well as your design process and what design software you are familiar with. Graphic design positions can be very specific to the company so make sure you brush up on the company's current design style and are ready to explain how your style and experience will mesh.

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Tell me about your favorite project.

3 Answers

I ran into my portfolio and talked about that project/process.

This is a common question so prepare thoroughly. Run through your creative process, iterations, and outcome of the project.

Where my computer crashed and I recreated all my projects with a new eye for design. Sometimes it’s about revamping instead of recollecting and my new project was better than the project that was lost. I am a creator and I want to always create🥰

How would you redesign the web site?

2 Answers

Your work is very masculine, how will you work to accommodate our style which is typically more feminine?

1 Answer

What level of (Javascript) coding experience do you have?

Have you ever been on a boat? (Creative Open-ended question)

24 Answers

If an employee was being really consistently rude to you and you couldn't stand it any longer, what would you do?

5 Answers

Why do you want to work for Design At Work?

4 Answers

Do you draw superheroes

4 Answers

Describe yourself in one word.

4 Answers

Can you work overtime? Can you pass a drug test? Can you start tomorrow?

3 Answers
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