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given an unsigned char c, swap every two bits of it

1 Answer

((c & 0xaa) >> 1) | ((c & 0x55) << 1)

Given two numbers a and b, we have an averaging function (a+b)/2. This function wont work under certain cases. I was supposed to tell the case, and also how to handle it.

2 Answers

Why using C++ to write FW instead of C (relevant to my previous job), compare pros and cons

1 Answer

Linked list,how do u retrieve 5th element from end of the list?how do u write testcase for this ?

2 Answers

Renderign Pipeline C++ Linked list questions

1 Answer

Inheritance,Polymorphism?,copy constructor?Scope resolution,derived class vs base class?access specifiers,queues,datastructures,programs,write a function?

Programming questions on C. They were pretty easy based on strings, linked list etc. Question on achievements, projects worked on.

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