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US Navy Interviews in Great Lakes /  HQ: San Diego, CA

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Navy Exchange Interviews in Great Lakes /  HQ: Virginia Beach, VA

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US Army Interviews in Great Lakes /  HQ: Washington, DC

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How would you prioritize high volume and time sensitive situations. For example, you have a client scheduled for an appointment, a supervisor from another office has called because the individual needs information reported quickly, and you also have to complete case notes that are due.

1 Answer

I answered by first completing a quick assessment. Since the supervisor is currently on the phone I would inform them that I have a client coming in and ask if it is okay to help the client first or if the situation must be completed immediately. In general, I would try to help the client first since they are currently in the office with an appointment. If the supervisor needs the information immediately I would ask the client to wait a few minutes. The case notes would be last because I would have already taken shorthand notes and would only need to transfer them and get them submitted.

Tell me a time when you dealt with a difficult co-worker?

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What software programs would you use for a Financial Tech position?

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How would you make this can of pop more safe?

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Because vocational case management 24/7 service, in the case of an emergency (i.e. extreme weather conditions) would you be willing to stay overnight to manage the situation?

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What makes you want to be a diver.

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What machining experience I had and was I familiar with the Navy's 3M maintenance system? Would I be interested in working as a 3M Coordinator?

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Tell us about a time you acted in a leadership position.

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