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Accountant Interview Questions in Greensboro, NC


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Tell us about a difficult work situation you've had and how you handled it.

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Only one situation comes to mind. A man came into my office requesting me to notarize his signature on a consealed weapon application. I had never seen the man before and knew nothing about his character. I remembered my notary training, I could refuse any thing I didn't feel comfortable notarizing and that I could end up in court years later after notarizing documents. Therefore I refused to notarize his application. He left extremely angry and returned while I was at lunch and complained to my manager who thankfully stood up for me and my decision.

Tell us something you do that would shock us

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How much knowledge of accounting do you have?

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Describe a mistake made and what you learned from it.

Are you better with people or numbers?

What are your strengths? Describe your excel skill level? Do you consider yourself a people person or would your prefer to work alone?

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What kind of job opportunities are you seeking?

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